Manage and Grow your Business.

Track sales, generate invoices and receipts, manage inventory, orders, and expenses, and communicate with customers.

How it Works

Watch how KEEPUP Store simplifies bookkeeping for small businesses in Africa.

Sales Tracking

Keep track of your debtors and sales revenue by creating and sending invoices, quotes, and receipts to your customers.

Create Invoices/Receipts

Create and share invoices and receipts with your customers via SMS, eMail, Whatsapp, etc.

Track Debtors

Easily find your debtors and never lose track of your money again.

Inventory Management

Increase productivity, eliminate errors, and save time while managing your inventory in real-time.

Top Products

Get analytics and insights on your best-performing products to help you make informed decisions.

Low Stock Alerts

Stay updated with automated alerts when your products are running low in stock.

Customer Engagement

Improve your products and services with feedback from your customers while keeping them informed with new promotions and business updates.

Customers Feedback

Receive feedback from your customers via your receipts and invoices to help you improve your products and services.

Messaging Customers

Keep your customers updated through SMS and eMail with new promotions and discounts, business updates, and more.

Record. Track. Grow.

Grow your business by making informed decisions with insights and analytics from your bookkeeping data.

A Plan for every Business

We've got a plan for your business, at any stage.
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per month
50 Receipts
20 Inventory / Services
2 Team Members
10 Promotion Messages
per month
500 Receipts
500 Inventory / Services
5 Team Members
150 Promotion Messages
per month
Unlimited Receipts
Unlimited Inventory / Services
Unlimited Team Members
1000 Promotion Messages

Businesses using

Explore the experiences and achievements of real businesses using KEEPUP Store to manage and grow their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here a some frequently asked questions about KEEPUP Store.
What is KEEPUP Store?
KEEPUP Store is a bookkeeping application designed specifically for small businesses in Africa. Our platform offers a range of tools to help businesses track their sales, issue invoices and receipts, manage orders and expenses, and track inventory. We also provide valuable insights and analytics based on the data entered through our platform, helping businesses to grow and succeed.
Who can use KEEPUP Store?
Is KEEPUP Store easy to use?
Can I try KEEPUP Store before I sign up?
Is my data secure on KEEPUP Store?
What types of analytics and insights does KEEPUP Store provide?
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