Release Notes

Release notes track incremental improvements and major releases for the KEEPUP Store application.

January 2023

January 22 - Version 1.33.0
New Updates
Expenses filter option for category - You can now filter can expenses by category to easily track and manage your business expenses.
Alert badge for pending payment alerts - A new alert badge has been added to the side menu to easily identify and track pending payment alerts. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently address pending payments.
Sales filter option for pending payment alerts - You can now filter your sales by pending payment alerts to quickly find and address any payment alerts sent by your customers.
Bug Fixes
Supplier expense balance update bug - fixed bug that caused a supplier expenses balance to be recorded twice when updating supplier expenses balance.
January 12 - Version 1.31.4
New Updates
Checkout at the storefront - You now have the option to continue shopping or checkout after adding items to your cart.
Send an offline payment notification - Added an illustration to help customers fill out the Send Payment Alert form.
Viewing order details - You now have more options when viewing order details, such as updating the sale balance, printing and updating order status.
January 9 - Version 1.31.2
New Feature
Offline payment alert - this feature enables customers to provide the amount sent, reference, and transaction number when making an offline payment.
Bug Fixes
Storefront UI bug on mobile - Fixed bug that caused parts of the Storefront UI to be hidden behind the browser's navbar on mobile phones.